Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Nitty Griity Dirt Band

There is a great Interview with the NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND in the current issue of MAVERICK which is a must have monthly magazine....available in WH Smith.
They are a Band with History and always oooozed quality. They could blow most Bands away on an off night putting it mildly! A favourite Album of theirs is the ACOUSTIC CD which they brought out in the mid really should go out and buy it. It's one of those discs that you always end up putting into the CD player time after time! I have a great question for anyone who is interested in Music - 'What are your favourite Bands or Artists?' Usually everyone will list their top five Bands/Artists......Then the next question! What have you been listening to in the last four months in your CD player? Always it is different to the previous question!
I have been fortunate to have Nathan McEuen come and play for me a couple of years ago.....check him out and you will see what I mean!
Hopefully ONE day we may have the NGDB here at the Inn! Well you can always dream cant you!
Meanwhile check out the Mundell Music Website HERE and also check out the Inn at Lathones HERE

Friday, 11 December 2009

Nashville to Scotland

The Bluebird Café - Live at The Inn at Lathones

Nashville’s Finest Songwriters come to Scotland

April 13th until Saturday 17th 2010.

The Bluebird Café will partner with Mundell Music to present two performance series at The Inn at Lathones in 2010 with the intent of making the series (two shows) an annual event.

Proposed Artists are Don Henry, Craig Carothers, Kim Richey and Danny Flowers with Andrea Glass 'Sitting In'

There will be a Songwriting Contest for the over 21's and the under 21's which will be judged by the legendary Benny Gallagher.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes Review

Paul Lamb and his Band played two nights here at the INN AT LATHONES near St.Andrews in Scotland. They had just completed a grueling tour of Poland and Lithuania which proved that Scotland was'nt that cold after all.
The show opened with Paul's son Ryan playing Boogie Blues Guitar after which he was then joined by the Rhythm Section who lighted the touch paper.......Paul Lamb then joined proceedings with his incredible Blues Harmonica. He really is a Master of playing an audience...he very soon had everyone in the palm of his hand. Great songs too many to mention but 'Crazy For Me', Ya Ya Blues and 'The Blues Had a Baby' were a wonderful snapshot as to why everyone was in attendance......Paul Lamb is a Master to his Trade surrounded by a Band that can cruise or go into overdrive at their will.
No excuse catch them when they are next at the Inn
Check the Website HERE

Friday, 4 December 2009

Agents & Tour Managers

Hello Readers!
A recent GIG and a future GIG here at the Inn at Lathones proved that there is NO loyalty or professionalism in some of todays Agents/Tour managers.
A gentlemans agreement-What's that!
I had the misfortune to have to deal with the worst tour manager I've ever met in over 12 years of promoting live music. Talk about obnoxious and rude as well as being full of his OWN importance.... Talk about taking advantage of our hospitality. The sad part was that out of a party of 5 people it was the TM himself that took advantage NOT the Artist. Still I will remember......what goes aroung comes around and HE certainly will not be welcome at the Inn again. I have had the privilege of meeting many many top class Tour Managers......Some have worked with, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner etc etc and they are approachable and reasonable that always look at both sides of the Position and MANAGE the situation accordingly.
Now for Agents! How can you have a GIG that's already have gone to press and then are told the GIGs off. These things happen I'm afraid...thats what I'm told. But think of this readers. What would they have said if I had called them up to cancel? No chance Eh! Oh yes and I will not be dealing with them anymore either!!!!
We live to fight another day!