Monday, 28 February 2011

Trevor Burton Backstage

Trevor Burton plays Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross on Fri & Sat 4th & 5th March 2011 as part of the FIFESTOCK Music Festival. See all Mundell Music GIGs here.

Trevor Burton was born in Aston, Birmingham. He started playing guitar at a young age and by 1963 was leading his own group called The Everglades. In 1964 he joined Danny King & The Mayfair Set, along with Keith Smart formerly of The Everglades (drums), Roger Harris (keyboards), Denis Ball (Bass) and vocalist King.

Trevor Burton was a founding member of the sixties chart topping band The Move and was initially with them from 1966-1969 and is touring again in 2010 as ‘The Move featuring Trevor Burton & Bev Bevan’ with ‘The Animals and Friends’.

When he left in 1969 he stayed down south with his close friend Steve Winwood; Steve had just formed the band Traffic. Trevor Trevor decided to chill for a while, but soon got the urge to play live again, this has always been his first love. He got in touch with Steve Gibbons with the view to forming a new band, together with Denny Laine formerly with the Moody Blues, and Allen White from The Plastic Ono Band.they formed the band called Balls. After the split with Balls in 1971, Trevor spent the next few years as one of the top session musicians with Island Records. At the request of Raymond Froggatt, Trevor returned to his hometown of Birmingham where he worked with Ray until 1976.

Trevor teamed up once again with his close friend Steve Gibbons to enjoy chart success and top 10 hits with the Steve Gibbons Band. For the next 7 years he toured the world with Steve. He left in 1983 to form his own band playing his unique style of blues. They started performing twice weekly at the Red Lion, Sparkbrook, Birmingham with a line up including sax player Steve Ajao. In 1985 the band recorded an album entitled 'Double Zero'.

He teamed up with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin as one of the Journeymen Musicians. Then he joined The Big Town Playboys touring the UK and Europe, he performed shows with Noel Reading a friend from the 60s and spent 9 months on the road with Dexies Midnight Runners.

As if this isn't enough he has also played with Jimi Hendrix and also appears on one of his albums!!! Now Trevor still gets the buzz from playing his kind of music to a receptive audience. In 1993 he called on Maz Mitrenko to join the band, also former ELO keyboard player Richard Tandy was with him for a few years. Trevor has had various rhythm sections but never really settled with any until November 1999 when he asked Bill Jefferson (Drummer) to join the band. Pez Connor rejoined the band in April 2009.and The Trevor Burton Band is now unstoppable. It is the most exciting live band ever to grace the stage. With the new line up having the chemistry, and telepathy that Trevor has been looking for. See them to live and enjoy the moment, you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jackie Leven plays Backstage at FIFESTOCK Music Festival

Jackie come Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross with Mundell Music.

Catch him live!

Jackie first made a serious impact upon the UK music scene in the late 70s with rock band Doll By Doll. A formidable singer, guitarist, songwriter and storyteller, his work, like many of the musical greats, falls into a category of its own - with some justification his outpourings have been called 'Celtic Soul'

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Apart From Rod Go Backstage!

Apart From Rod Played Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross on Thursday 17th & Friday 18th Feb 2011.

With Both Jim Cregan and Robin Le Mesurier on Twin Guitars they were two Rock & Roll Guitar Gun Slingers with 'Swagger'! The six piece Band shook Backstage as they went from Hit To Hit that included 'Hot Legs', 'Passion', 'Maggie May', 'I was only Joking', and ;Sweet Little Rock & Roller.

Rock & Roll is here to stay!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fifestock 2011

FIFESTOCK 2011 has commenced with a bang! Legendary Artists play an intimate GIG here at 'Backstage' at the Green Hotel, Kinross. Check out the latest GIGs HERE. So if you've seen a few of the shows and want a CD to remember the evening, have a look through the CDs listed below!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Benny Gallagher Goes 'Backstage' at the Green Hotel, Kinross.

A truly fantastic night as part of FIFESTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL on Friday 11th Feb 2011 at 'Backstage' at the Green Hotel, Kinross.
Benny Gallagher played an intimate evening of songs and stories where he had the audience in 'the palm of his hand'!

'Breakaway', 'Heart on my sleeve', 'I wanna stay with you', 'I beleve in you', 'Stay Young', 'When I'm Dead and Gone', 'Malt and Barley Blues', 'Heart in New York' and a cover version of Ronnie Lane's 'How Come' all added to a magical evening. You should have been there!
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Colin Blunstone 'Backstage'

Saturday 12th February as part of FIFESTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL, Colin Blunstone and his Band Played 'Backstage' at the Green Hotel, Kinross.

The first set commenced with 'Turn your Heart Around' and other tracks consisted of '"Oxygen', What becomes of the broken hearted', 'Tracks of my tears', 'Caroline Goodbye' and 'Say you don't mind'.

A short intermission where numerous drinks were consumed and then...The second set! 'Wonderful', Andorra', 'Misty Roses', 'Old and Wise', She's not There' and 'I don't believe in Miracles' amongst others. A great night was had by all!
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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rab Noakes Celtic Connections Review

Rab Noakes will be playing "BACKSTAGE" at the Green Hotel, Kinross on Saturday 5th Feb. Recent Reviews from Celtic Connections are listed below. For all Mundell Music GIGs click HERE.
Amid all the guests and big band numbers one man stood out, however, Scotland's own Rab Noakes, whose voice and acoustic
guitar telling of Mississippi and its infamous one regret - staying there
a day too long - caught the atmosphere of the song and the
mood of the night to perfection.

What, you may ask, about stand-outs? Rab Noakes, less familiar to a younger generation, in particular shined with his solo rendition of Mississippi, which showcased his own finger-picking skills and that of its songwriter’s lyrical self-reflection.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Deborah Bonham Backstage

Deborah Bonham plays "BACKSTAGE" at the Green Hotel in Kinross on Fri 8th & Sat 9th April 2011. Jerry Shirley will be on Drums who was the Drummer with HUMBLE PIE and Special Guest Steve Rodgers who is Paul Rodgers Son.

Deborah is currently recording tracks for her much anticipated new album with Producer NICK TAUBER, best known for his work with THIN LIZZY and MARILLION. She has also been writing with JOHN HOGG, a member of MOKE, who tasted chart success in the USA and toured the UK, Europe and the US with The Black Crowes.

The Bonham family tree is firmly rooted in musical tradition. First was John Bonham, the esteemed drummer for Led Zeppelin, who was followed by his son Jason, a skilled skinsman in his own right, who performed with Zeppelin at their much-hailed O2 show.

Add to that list Deborah Bonham - sister of John, aunt of Jason .Born in Worcestershire, Deborah was only five when John joined Led Zeppelin, and this powerful introduction sparked in her the overwhelming desire to write and perform.

The success of the first trip to the USA with her band lead to further tours, shows in Los Angeles House of Blues with guests Slash and Terry Reid, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, New York and Chicago House of Blues. Whilst in LA, Deborah performed live on LA's Rockline Radio to three million listeners throughout North America and Canada.

Back in the UK and Europe, Deborah has toured and performed with Van Halen, Alannah Myles, Tim Rose, Uli Jon Roth, Paul Weller, Humble Pie, Donovan, Lonnie Donegan, Jools Holland, Ann Peebles, Foreigner and Paul Rodgers. She’s also played festivals from Glastonbury to Donnington, and twice at Fairport Conventions Cropredy Festival.

2004's CD ‘The Old Hyde’, which featured Mick Fleetwood, The Pretenders' Robbie McIntosh, Robbie Blunt and Dougie Boyle of Robert Plant's band, and Jason Bonham. Reviewers were certainly impressed with the album, ‘Classic Rock’ leading the plaudits:“…the album has balls…a classy set of bluesy hard rock”. The influential All Music Guide judged that it was "…one of the best blues-rock albums of the early 21st Century…not a bummer in sight"

Finally, Deborah has reached a period in her life where she feels comfortable. Her love and respect for John are undying, but she believes she has paid her dues and is now respected in the music industry for her own talents. "You have to remember that Led Zeppelin/John were and are even more so now so revered. It’s been difficult because people judge you for being associated with that name. I had a very big decision to make all those years ago: do I renounce that name and invent myself as somebody else or do I actually stick it out?" Deborah stuck it out partly in recognition of the inspiration she drew from John: "I was so very proud of my brother, why on earth would I renounce him, he was the one that gave me the inspiration to sing. He was my big brother and I loved him so much. My decision was to make him proud – nothing else really mattered – my duty is to do the best I possibly can to uphold the name which I feel I’ve done and am doing as Jason is. So it’s not so much having to prove anything anymore. I feel quite comfortable in my skin with that".

Indeed, at a recent show in Malta opening for Robert Plant, the Zeppelin front man was quick to acknowledge Deborah’s talents, as Deborah told journalist Stephen Gullette: "Robert came and hugged me… He said "My God, I can’t believe what you’re doing".

2008's CD ‘Duchess’ (Warners/Rhino) - 'stands as her finest work to date'. She rips through 13 original compositions backed by her forceful working band - former Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley, bassist Ian Rowley, keyboardist Gerard Louis, and guitarist Peter Bullick. Each song showcases her soulful singing and her effortless, sensitive approach to a gamut of styles, from blues and soul to hard rock and English folk. The album also includes guest drummer Jason Bonham and a duet with Paul Rodgers, the former frontman for Free and Bad Co.

Reviews of ‘Duchess’ have been glowing, Blues Matters! describing Deborah as "a blues mama par excellence" and Blues Review listed her as one of the New Women of Blues. Modern Guitars magazine called ‘Duchess’ "A celebration of soul, strength and family…the album stands as her finest work."