Sunday, 28 June 2009

We have the wonderful Henry McCullough Band here at the Inn at Lathones in October 2009. For Two nights! Come and see them they are breathtaking. Henry to me is one of the last legendary guitar players that this country has produced. You should book tickets here.
Also we have a support from a young guy called Adam Walker and he certainly is one to watch for the future!
Life has been very hectic here at Mundell Music recently but hopefully we are beginning to see the light at the end of the Tunnel.
Songs we have been listening to include of late;
1) Rab Noakes 'DRUNK AGAIN'
2) Dave Mason & Michael Jackson 'SAVE ME'
3) Jonathan Kelly 'DOWN ON ME'
4) John Martyn 'HOLE IN THE RAIN'
5) Beach Boys 'BREAK AWAY'
6) David Crosby 'TRACKS IN THE DUST'
7) Lucy Kaplansky 'END OF THE DAY'
8) Wings 'SPIN IT ON'
9) Capt Beefheart 'LOW YO YO STUFF'
10) The Guess Who 'RAIN DANCE'

You should check out some of hese tracks and Artists!
for now

Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

Sad news that Michael Jackson passed away.He was what he was and he will be missed by alot of people. All day the Radio Stations have been playing various songs of his from The Jackson Five or his solo stuff over the years.
I want to tell you of a Song that really has a great MJ vocal performance on it that should have been a big hit but was lost in the ozone I think in the early eighties.
Do yourself a favour a search for the Track 'Save Me' by Dave Mason With Michael on guest vocals...It really is good. Have a listen "Click Here"
We were very proud to have Jennifer Batten play for us at the Inn at Lathones in March 2009. Check out our other GIGS here!

Sunday, 21 June 2009


We are very lucky to have Iain Matthews here at the Inn at Lathones In August for a Songwriting Workshop. It should be a great opportunity for everyone who wants to improve and progress their Songwriting skills. Check the Website for details and we are offering either residential or non residential, so there's no excuse really is there!
Some Iain Matthews CD's to have a look at are 'Spot of Interference', 'Siamese Friends' and 'Valley Hi'. Have a look and have a listen , great Albums which I feel have been overlooked over the years. You can listen to Iain singing a wonderful version of 'Woodstock' on You Tube.

Have a look at aal of our Workshops on our Site at Mundell Music

See you all at one of our next GIGs !

Friday, 19 June 2009

Dead Like Harry

We look forward to having DEAD LIKE HARRY coming to play for us in the Autumn here at the Inn at Lathones. Friday 23rd October with tickets at £12. We have been trying to introduce some new acts here at MUNDELL MUSIC and the next few months sees an influx so to speak. Thet will be playing GLASTONBURY so go and support,,,,they come from Sheffield and are tipped to be the next big thing!
Speak Soon

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Dennis Locorriere

A couple of GIGS to look out for in the Autumn are with Dennis Locorriere (The Voice Of Dr.Hook) here at the Inn at Lathones. The dates are in November and you can check the exact dates here. Considering that he is playing the Theatres and Art Centres on this Tour, Lathones is the only place to see him due to its small capacity and wonderful intimacy. Be quick as there are not many tickets....You can buy tickets here.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Keep Live Music Alive Campaign - Mundell Music

We are looking for your support to help our Keep Live Music Alive Campaign. It is a very fragile industry and we need to keep live music venues alive by supporting them.

We are still trying to maintain a high level of artists on the Mundell Music conveyor belt and our Workshops offer a very special way to learn to play Guitar, Drum & Bass and also the art of Songwriting with such legends as Ted McKenna, Alan Thomson, Benny Gallagher, Iain Matthews and Paul Rose to name but a few.

Ultimately if people prefer to enjoy armchair television rather than the Live Music Experience small special venues like The Inn at Lathones will die.

  1. Email someone who you know would love to attend a live show (suggest using the sign-up box on the mundellmusic site)
  2. Book a gig and take a youngster along too (to watch someone like John Jorgenson can be a most inspiring experience!)
  3. Call David and ask him to send you a couple of gig lists for your local shop
  4. Call up a neighbour and invite him along to a gig - life needs more social interraction!
  5. Contact David or Peter with more suggestions
To book Tickets call 01334 840494. You can also book a bar meal and stay at discounted prices (for gig-goers only!)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Henry McCullough Review

The Henry McCullough Band

FBI Live *****

Michael Mee

You may or may not have heard of Henry McCullough - although it’s more likely you will have - but it’s almost certain you’ll have heard him play. After cutting his teeth with various bands in his native Ireland, McCullough headed for the bright lights of London just as the British blues boom exploded. A meeting with a young Sheffield singer led to a stint in Joe Cocker’s Grease Band, which included their legendary Woodstock performance. After leaving the Grease Band, McCullough joined a little known outfit called Wings, headed by a certain ex-Beatle and his wife. Musical differences between McCullough and McCartney saw a parting of the ways and he - McCullough not Macca - went on to play with a veritable musical who’s who, including Donovan, Marianne Faithful, Spooky Tooth, Eric Burdon and Roy Harper. An accident with a knife on a trip home in the 1980s saw a career re-evaluation and that path led all the way to The Famous Bein Inn, Glenfarg and the latest in the FBI [Famous Bein Inn] Live series. Whilst wildest Perthshire may not have the status of some of the Wings gigs, what is certain is that McCullough is where he wants to be and where he undoubtedly belongs, on stage, any stage. When I read the track listing and saw that after a seven-minute opening of Same Damned Thing, there was House Of The Rising Sun weighing in at over ten minutes. Henry McCullough is not a guitarist to do things by half and both are a glorious throwback to a time when songs were fully explored and McCullough shows himself to be a master of his craft. As good as it is on CD, live it must have been a magical experience. A true genius holds you in the palm of his hand wherever you may be and Henry McCullough is as close to genius as you’ll get. He teases and caresses a classic until it too falls under his spell. But in a way, even House Of The Rising Sun is eclipsed by what follows, Locked In, Can’t Get Out may not be as well known, but it fits Henry McCullough like a second skin. This real, honest-to-goodness British blues, which is raw and earthy, celebrates its blemishes and imperfections but never loses its sense of joy. The pull of Henry McCullough’s folk roots is obviously still strong and he immerses himself in the simple beauty of Belfast To Boston. Until a final flourish there are no guitar pyrotechnics to break the hold, just a man playing from his heart and you really need nothing more, its nine minutes pass in a heartbeat. McCullough’s comfort with the music is obvious but comfort doesn’t breed contempt in this case, he grooves his way through Mess With The Blues before launching in to the title track of his album Failed Christian. Perhaps for the first time on the night McCullough bares his teeth. FBI is quite simply the complete performance as Henry McCullough leads the Bein Inn audience gently by the hand through a blues wonderland.

Buy Here

Henry McCullough FBI Live

The Henry McCullough Band - FBI LIVE - CD Review
BY Andrew Welsh

Legendary Irish Blues Guitarist Henry McCullough makes history by appearing on the first album recorded by Perthshires own Famous Bein Inn. Recorded at Henry's GIG at the Glenfarg Venue in 2006 it has been captured on the new disc, which boasts six epic tracks clocking in at a complete running time of one hour.
The former lead guitarist from Joe Cockers Band and Paul McCartneys Wings is nothing if not experienced and the benefits of a lifetime conected to music pay dividends here.
Sounding every inch the grizzeled rocker he looks, McCullough's rasping vocals overlay a compelling R 'n' B sound that hinges on his own mind blowing six string virtuosity and sound.
With backing from Roe Butcher (Bass), Percy Robinson(Guitar/Pedal Steel), Stephen Quinn(Drums), and Shaun McCarron (Sax) the big H generates a sound so clear and strong it could have been laid down in the most expensive of Caribbean Studios.
Standout tracks in an engrossing set include 'Same damn thing' a poignant 10 minute version of 'House of the rising sun', the McCullough penned 'Failed Christian', and his signature piece, 'I cant remember, I was drunk at the time.'
The sheer audio quality of the fare on offer here is a huge testament to the ability of the Bein Inn's concert room to bring out the best in visiting Artists.
Recorded up close and personal infront of just 60 fans, the set must surely rank among the highlights of McCullough's lenghty and diverse carrer- one that has taken in the Woodstock Festival, an appearence on Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' and stints with the likes of Marianne Faithfull and Frankie Miller.
At Times laid back at others edgy, the veteran's astonishing performance proves that age is no barrier and bodes well for future releases on the new 'Mundell Music' Record Label.
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Peter Tork - Mundell Music wishes him well

It has been reported that Ex- Monkee Peter Tork has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his neck and head. He is apparantly very positive and begins treatment soon (according to the bbc news site). We met Peter when he played 2 shows for us at The Inn at Lathones in June 2008. The event made national news and David Mundell appeared live on the BBC News as a result of the publicity. Peter told stories from the hedonistic days of being a Monkee and how hard Mike Nesmith's mum worked with her "liquid paper" invention - mixing it in the family bath and touting it door to door. It would be wonderful to have him play again for Mundell Music, he is planning to fulfill dates with his band Shoe Suede Blues. We, as a very small part of the music industry wish him well on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Steve Gibbons Band

This was a great picture of the STEVE GIBBONS BAND who came to play at the FIFESTOCK Music Festival that was held at the Inn at Lathones in February 2009. I believe that this was their first time here in Scotland for apprx 30 years. They really were good and they had a new CD to promote Chasing Tales.
You should have seen the Trailer that the Band use to transport their equipment....another time and another place!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Terry Reid, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Terry Reid and Jonathan Kelly on Mundell Music

Over the past few years we have been privileged to have had some wonderful artists playing for us - none more so than Big Brother and the Holding Company who played for 2 nights. Fronting the band was Kitto, an Australian singer oozing talent and who sounded very close to Janice Joplin. This was the 1st time EVER that Big Brother and the Holding Company had played Scotland .....and they played for Mundell Music! We recorded one of the shows and you can hear "Ball and Chain" on our MYSPACE site. That amazing weekend was completed by Barry (The FISH) Melton playing one show the following night. Barry was the other half of Country Joe (of Woodstock fame)i.e Country Joe and the Fish. Barry joined BBHC during their second night - the 1st time they have played together for many years!
Terry Reid has played a couple of times for Mundell Music. Having admired him for many years you can appreciate why he has been nicknamed "Superlungs" by his peers. A victim of errant decision making by his management including Micky Most he could/should have been the lead voice of Led Zeppelin and/or Deep Purple. There is a tremendous album "The Driver" which is only available from the US or on download which contains the track "The Whole of the Moon" (Waterboys). This track is magnificent and was due to be released , but sadly the Waterboys re-released their version the same week and Terry's never happened. You can hear a live recording from Terry dedicating "Seeds of Memory" to David Mundell - again on our MYSPACE Site.
Jonathan Kelly is another of those enigmas, he was destined for greatness but sadly drugs etc played a destructive role in Jonathan's life and resulted in him walking away from music. He was tracked down by a long time admirer and coaxed out of retirement and persuaded to play a few gigs (temporarily turning his back on his carpet cleaning business!). We were lucky enough to have had Johnathan playing for us. He is an absolute gentleman , in every sense and it was such an honour to have had him play for us. Again, he allowed us to record his show and you can listen to "Down on Me" on our MYSPACE site. Jonathan it seems is unlikely to gig again, favouring his religious calling. We wish him well.
Keep on checking Mundell Music for live dates