Monday, 1 June 2009

Terry Reid, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Terry Reid and Jonathan Kelly on Mundell Music

Over the past few years we have been privileged to have had some wonderful artists playing for us - none more so than Big Brother and the Holding Company who played for 2 nights. Fronting the band was Kitto, an Australian singer oozing talent and who sounded very close to Janice Joplin. This was the 1st time EVER that Big Brother and the Holding Company had played Scotland .....and they played for Mundell Music! We recorded one of the shows and you can hear "Ball and Chain" on our MYSPACE site. That amazing weekend was completed by Barry (The FISH) Melton playing one show the following night. Barry was the other half of Country Joe (of Woodstock fame)i.e Country Joe and the Fish. Barry joined BBHC during their second night - the 1st time they have played together for many years!
Terry Reid has played a couple of times for Mundell Music. Having admired him for many years you can appreciate why he has been nicknamed "Superlungs" by his peers. A victim of errant decision making by his management including Micky Most he could/should have been the lead voice of Led Zeppelin and/or Deep Purple. There is a tremendous album "The Driver" which is only available from the US or on download which contains the track "The Whole of the Moon" (Waterboys). This track is magnificent and was due to be released , but sadly the Waterboys re-released their version the same week and Terry's never happened. You can hear a live recording from Terry dedicating "Seeds of Memory" to David Mundell - again on our MYSPACE Site.
Jonathan Kelly is another of those enigmas, he was destined for greatness but sadly drugs etc played a destructive role in Jonathan's life and resulted in him walking away from music. He was tracked down by a long time admirer and coaxed out of retirement and persuaded to play a few gigs (temporarily turning his back on his carpet cleaning business!). We were lucky enough to have had Johnathan playing for us. He is an absolute gentleman , in every sense and it was such an honour to have had him play for us. Again, he allowed us to record his show and you can listen to "Down on Me" on our MYSPACE site. Jonathan it seems is unlikely to gig again, favouring his religious calling. We wish him well.
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