Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kast Off Kinks kome To Kinross Again!

Everyone should make the effort to Kome and see the Kast Off Kinks here in Kinross. It is an amazing show. I've been told that Jim Rodford will be replaced for this gig with John Dalton who of course was in the Kinks after Pete Q I believe. They play all the Hits....Kome on and phone 01577 863467 to book your Tickets here at Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross. Further details can be seen on our website

The Kast off Kinks are former members of The Kinks who got together to play for Kinks Fan Club meetings and Charity events over 15 years ago. The current lineup decided to take the band to the fans across the country. They are Mick Avory, original drummer, who played on all the classic hits from 1964-1984. Bassist, Jim Rodford 1978-1996 (also known for Argent and the current Zombies). Ian Gibbons, keyboardist, 1979-1996, currently still working with Ray Davies' band and Dave Clarke, on vocals and guitar, previously with The Beach Boys and the Noel Redding band.

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Location:Muirpark Rd,Kinross,United Kingdom

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Slim Chance go Backstage in Kinross

Taken from the Birmingham Post...........

THE late, great Ronnie Lane tragically died from multiple sclerosis back in 1997, aged just 51 - but his music will live on forever. Ronnie was the creative Iynchpin of the Faces,one of the all-time great singer-songswriters. Rod Stewart may, have been the on-stage star but Lane's melodies and musicanship were sublime.

When the Faces broke up, Ronnie went back to his roots playing pubs and toured circus-style with his band Slim Chance, and the spirit ,of those times has been lovingly recreated by a latter-day version.

Charlie Hart, Colin Davey, Steve Bingham, Steve Simpson and Alun Davies are 64 carat gold musicians, with a new retrospective CD, The Show-Goes On. There's also a new DVD re-telling the Ronnie lane saga with all the 10s legends - catch this band live while you can. One For The Road, Kuschty Rye, Flags and Banners and Ooh La La were gloriously true to the genius of Ronnie Lane.
Verdict *****
Slim Chance play Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross, Scotland on Sat 21st July. Booking line 01577 863467.

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Sinnerboy goes Backstage

 By Grahame Rhodes of 'Blues in the Northwest' (Before the new Sinnerboy)

For the last ten years, Barry Barnes has led the excellent Sinnerboy, one of the premier Rory Gallagher tribute bands, who have toured extensively around Europe, Scandinavia and the USA. However the band is to split next year and he will be concentrating on a solo career, and therefore comes his first solo cd “Rory!” – a heartfelt collection of both some of the great man’s songs and some of the country blues tunes he used to cover, from the likes of Blind Boy Fuller, Leadbelly and Son House.
Barnes got the Rory bug seeing him live for the first time in 1969, and was a major fan after that, and he was already a country blues fan from listening to his brother’s vinyl collection, here he pays homage to his favourite guitar player of all time, and a fine job he has done too – the tracks recorded in a variety of locations as far apart as Dublin, Athens and Yorkshire!
Eight of the tracks were laid down at Reaction Studios in Athens, including an acoustic take on the superb “Moonchild”; the very old song, “The Cuckoo”, and a slide work out on Son House’s immortal “Death Letter Blues”. A highlight from the Greek recordings is a beautiful version of “I Fall Apart”, a Gallagher song from way back on his debut solo album in 1971, and delivered with skill and passion here by Barry Barnes.
A rowdy Dublin crowd in the Temple Bar Music Centre are enthusiastic on the opening “Pistol Slapper Blues” by Blind Boy Fuller, famously recorded on the “Live In Europe” album, and a fine “Out On The Western Plain” – the Leadbelly song that used to feature in Rory Gallagher’s acoustic interludes. Paul Westwell helps out on harmonica on Big Bill Broonzy’s “Nothin’ But The Devil”, recorded at Calder Studios in Yorkshire, as was the rousing “Barley And Grape Rag” . . . featuring some sweet violin from Tracy Smith, with Dave Burns (double bass) and Ozzer McLoughlin (drums).
As a Rory ‘nut’ myself I thoroughly enjoyed this album . . . . great singing and playing, but with fun as well – check out the unlisted closer!) – nice one Barry . . . and more power to him for keeping the memory of the legendary Rory Gallagher alive!

Grahame Rhodes

Sinnerboy will be playing Backstage on Friday 31st August Tickets £14   Buy Ticket

The Green Hotel, Kinross Perthshire Scotland  01577 863467

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Verden Allen's Softground play Backstage

A recent review of a gig at the Half Moon in Putney. The Band play Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross on Sat 1st September. Book now on 01577 863467.

As the organ sound and occasional vocalist of Mott the Hoople's first five albums, Verden Allen needed no introduction to his audience, the Soft Ground set being a satisfying romp through his four Angel Air released albums with a few well chosen songs borrowed from the Hoople's back catalogue.

Playing well-paced organ fuelled rock at its finest, Soft Ground's powerful sound stands well alongside Mott's early years, being delivered in a relaxed style, but with a contemporary feel that breathed a new lease of life into a brooding version of 'Soft Ground', from the Hoople's first CBS album, 'All The Young Dudes'. A similarly rapturous welcome greet

ed the Island era 'Death May Be Your Santa Clause', both Hoople songs having been rerecorded for 'Long Time No See'.

Exchanging some banter with Luther Grosvenor, who was in fine form in the audience, Verden launched into 'On the Rebound', co-written and recorded with Luther for 'For Each Other', before a run of Hoople songs gifted the assembled Mott crowd hearty renditions of 'Roll Away The Stone', 'All the Young Dudes' and 'Rock'n'Roll Queen'.

An encore of four songs saw Verden exchanging more licks with guitarist Jamie Thyer, who demonstrated a dextrous touch when playing slide during 'My Masochistic Side', whilst the rhythm section of Rob Hankins (bass) and Matthew Blakout (drums) reconvened the urgency that always underpinned the Hoople's proto-punk sound. The band's powerful sound was further demonstrated by the closing number, a blistering rerun of Mott's infamous Kinks cover, 'You Really Got Me'.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kitto plays Backstage

Kitto plays Backstage on Saturday 23rd June at the Green Hotel, Kinross. Book Tickets on tel 01577 863467.
Australian Kitto does not make it easy for reviewers who wish to compare her with anything. She is an odd mix of Hole Grunge and whiskey cracked singer-songwriter whose sound is quite unique. I will therefore refrain from comparisons; Kitto running her own race and it would be both wrong and futile to try to push her ​​into an existing slot.
The deep, bordering on masculine voice is interesting and comes to full expression in the airy and simple but effective production. Kitto manages to bring home the feeling of a dark, smoky rock club to the living room. Her version of the weight is not about to screw everything up to eleven. Instead, it is about a mysterious evocative mood that runs like a thread through the entire album. Best examples is the "Birth of a samurai," or closing track "Balloon", to name a few.
Kitto is cocky enough to venture on the David Bowie classic "Heroes" and do it with honor. Gone is the grandeur that made the original. Left is the naked essence of the song that suddenly takes on a new meaning. This courageous risktaking is a real homerun.
No one should sit and nod when Kitto presses her foot down in the "Girls Who went away" and leave tire tracks in the asphalt. Kittos strength is her voice and the simplicity of these days requires a hefty measure of courage.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Stan Webbs Chicken Shack / Autumn?

Looking at Booking Stan Webbs Chicken Shack for the Autumn. So how many of you would be interested in seeing that show? I saw Them around 1996 in Plymouth I think it was, anyway, it was a great show!

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Additional Summer Cds

Have a listen to this one! Fantastic.....Total R & R! With Joe Walsh on Guitar. Jay Ferguson's Real Life Ain't This Way! Brilliant?

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Declaration Band/Backstage Fri 15th June

The Declaration band are a six piece soul blues and rock n roll band formed in April 2011. Vocals/Harmonica - Ben, Guitar - John 'the kid', Bass - Jonny, Sax - Ewan, Trumpet - Howard, Drums - Shannon

If you like the Blues Brothers, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, The Commitments then you are gonna love this band!

They truly look and sound like a stax's soul band. They are a collective of professional musicians who have played in many bands over the last 3 decades and some young raw talent. They are a total package of good songs, great talent, style and performance. If you haven't seen them, you should, and remember your dancing shoes. Book Now on Tel 01577 863467.

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Rod Clements goes Backstage

Rod Clements plays Backstage on Sunday 25th November. Look forward to hearing 'Whisky Highway' again......a great song. Tickets can be bought by phoning 01577 863467 or look at

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Listening to Melanie's The Good Book!

Thought I would play Melanie's fifth album from 1971. Have'nt heard it in a while. I love the Title song and The Nickel Song of course! Good to hear after all these years.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Slim Chance at Backstage in July.

Record Collecter gave the New CD from Slim Chance a 4 out of 5 Star review. See them live at Backstage at the Green Hotel in Kinross on Sat 21st July. Book tickets on tel 01577 863467.

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mundell Music recommends!

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Backstage Tour Posters

Busy Booking various Bands for the Autumn and Winter periods. Hope some of you manage to catch these GIGs. Dean Friedman always gives a tremendous show. As I have said afew times, go and buy his double CD 'Songs for grownups'.
Buddy Whittington will be here in November and Tickets are selling well already. He has that effect! If you saw him last year you make sure that you are first in line for this years GIG!
The celebration of the Monterey Pop Festival will be a good night as well. The band includes Greg Douglass from The Steve Miller Band, so I for one will be looking forward to a memorable night. Tickets can be bought from the Green Hotel, Kinross on Tel 01577 863467. Best to view the Music Website of

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Great new gigs this year - Slim Chance, Jefferson Starship, Andy Fairweather Low and many more

Later gigs this year will include sessions from Slim Chance (Ex-faces Ronnie Lane's Band), all the original members will be getting together for this one. Jefferson Starship too! Even Matthews Southern Comfort will be playing for the first time in many, many years.

All together another great year for Mundell Music. Tell you friends that they are all comng to the best gig in the UK - is there really an equal?
Gigs Backstage at The Green Hotel, Kinross