Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kitto plays Backstage

Kitto plays Backstage on Saturday 23rd June at the Green Hotel, Kinross. Book Tickets on tel 01577 863467.
Australian Kitto does not make it easy for reviewers who wish to compare her with anything. She is an odd mix of Hole Grunge and whiskey cracked singer-songwriter whose sound is quite unique. I will therefore refrain from comparisons; Kitto running her own race and it would be both wrong and futile to try to push her ​​into an existing slot.
The deep, bordering on masculine voice is interesting and comes to full expression in the airy and simple but effective production. Kitto manages to bring home the feeling of a dark, smoky rock club to the living room. Her version of the weight is not about to screw everything up to eleven. Instead, it is about a mysterious evocative mood that runs like a thread through the entire album. Best examples is the "Birth of a samurai," or closing track "Balloon", to name a few.
Kitto is cocky enough to venture on the David Bowie classic "Heroes" and do it with honor. Gone is the grandeur that made the original. Left is the naked essence of the song that suddenly takes on a new meaning. This courageous risktaking is a real homerun.
No one should sit and nod when Kitto presses her foot down in the "Girls Who went away" and leave tire tracks in the asphalt. Kittos strength is her voice and the simplicity of these days requires a hefty measure of courage.

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Location:Muirpark Rd,Kinross,United Kingdom

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