Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Keep Live Music Alive Campaign - Mundell Music

We are looking for your support to help our Keep Live Music Alive Campaign. It is a very fragile industry and we need to keep live music venues alive by supporting them.

We are still trying to maintain a high level of artists on the Mundell Music conveyor belt and our Workshops offer a very special way to learn to play Guitar, Drum & Bass and also the art of Songwriting with such legends as Ted McKenna, Alan Thomson, Benny Gallagher, Iain Matthews and Paul Rose to name but a few.

Ultimately if people prefer to enjoy armchair television rather than the Live Music Experience small special venues like The Inn at Lathones will die.

  1. Email someone who you know would love to attend a live show (suggest using the sign-up box on the mundellmusic site)
  2. Book a gig and take a youngster along too (to watch someone like John Jorgenson can be a most inspiring experience!)
  3. Call David and ask him to send you a couple of gig lists for your local shop
  4. Call up a neighbour and invite him along to a gig - life needs more social interraction!
  5. Contact David or Peter with more suggestions
To book Tickets call 01334 840494. You can also book a bar meal and stay at discounted prices (for gig-goers only!)

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