Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mundell Music 2010

A Happy New Year to one and all!
Lets hope that it will be a good one and a peaceful one.
We have been selling quite a few Tickts over the Festive Period and we have very few Tickets left for 'Paul Jones & Dave Kelly', 'Snowy White' and a couple of others which escape me! Please check out the WebSite and you all can expect a few changes to the site within the next few weeks. The weather has not been good has it!!!!!! Snow and more snow...just as my vintage Land Rover decided that it needed a new tyre and of course has been out of action just when I needed it! Jaguars are never very good in the snow I'm afraid.
Charlie & Billy enjoyed their Christmas down in Yorkshire where they had the run of the House so to speak.......formed a 'gang' with their host 'Hector' and so we had three mad Cairn Terriers on the loose! Life will start to become 'normal' again during the next week when the business world will rear it's head after a long lay off for the Christmas Holidays and we will soon see how many casualties there will be with different Businesses going bust due to a sustained hard and tough period of trading.

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