Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Dylan Project

Snow Snow Snow!
So we managed to get the Dylan Project show on the road so to speak. We should have had apprx 60 people but due to the snow we only got 15 brave souls who braved the weather! Well those of you who missed it missed a great gig! Complete with a Santa song we had a varied selection from Bob's catalogue of songs.....makes me want to go back and re visit 'Under the Red Skies'!
We have Steve Forbert on Friday and it makes me wonder what the situation will be there! Still, it's another day for things to improve.
Things are busy at the moment with booking shows for Raul Malo, David Knopfler and Sandi Thom to name but a few. Have a look at the website for details. Fifestock is nearly all arranged. The line up is good and varied with something for everyone.
The Blues Band, Henry McCullough, Apart From Rod, Jackie Leven and Ian McNabb are just a few of the Artists coming to play.
Dave Peg is holding one of Mundell Music's T-Shirts.......'Bass Players are the Lowest' These can be ordered fro us via the site or just email! For info on all shows here at BACKSTAGE at the Green Hotel in Kinross, Scotland p[lease go to the website.

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