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Mundell Music 2013 Awards

Mundell Music Awards. March - February 2013.

We have decided to launch our own Music Awards that will become an Annual Event. The Awards Ceremony and Dinner was held at The Hard Rock Cafe in Edinburgh during February.
The Awards are based around Artists who has made an appearance for Mundell Music at Backstage at the Green Hotel during the period from March 2012 to February 2013. Each selection has ben made for a variety of aspects and we thank EVERYONE who has played for us during that time. OK so this is'nt The Oscars, The Brits or the MTV Awards but Its OUR 'tip of the hat' to the industry that we love and have become an integral part of.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Hall of Fame.
Henry McCullough
The Legendary and virtuoso Guitarist has played with Joe Cocker and the Grease Band , Paul McCartney's Wings an appearance at Woodstock and the original guitarist on 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.
Henry and his Band used to come and visit Mundell Music twice a year, for over ten years. Those of you who managed to catch one of these shows will recall just how memorable and special they were. Henry.....We salute you.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best UK Performance
Gallagher & Lyle
Two magical nights from this legendary duo and their Band made an unforgettable experience for those who were lucky enough to be there. Not having toured together for a number of years made it extra special and their own stage presence and camarderie shone through for all to see.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best International Performance
Jefferson Starship
From San Francisco came Jefferson Starship that included both Paul Kantner and David Freiberg. The sound and performance was incredible. Nuff said!

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Sadly Missed-Never Forgotten
Jackie Leven and John Martyn
The late great Jackie Leven played for Mundell Music for over ten years. Always a highlite of the year. An incredible Artist that has left a huge body of work behind that we urge you to explore. It grows stronger every year. We miss you Jackie.
The Legend that was John Martyn visited us for a series of GIGs that have now gone down in history. Oh how lucky we were to be able to experience John with his Band in such intimate surroundings. I can 'feel' the experience still to this day. Thank You John.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Most Impressive Tribute Band
Tricky Fingers
Their performance was impressive both visually and in sound. The mannerisms of 'Mick J' were uncanny and if only ALL tribute Bands played and presented themselves to this standard........

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best up and coming Artist
Elliott Morris
Guitar skills and song writing far beyond his years! It was refreshing to 'discover' such a huge talent and witness a star in the making. We were also impressed with how he communicated with his audience....First Rate!

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Company Award for Assistance.
Constant Contact
We love this E Marketing Company. For ALL the right reasons! Their presentation cannot be bettered. Reporting covers a broad range of points which assist us with driving our Company further forward. They do not rest on their laurels and are always introducing new and exciting concepts such as Survey options, Social Media campaigns coupled with instructional videos.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Folk Performance
The Coaltown Daisies.
Delicate harmonies and melodies make this duo a delight to see and experience their show. We expect them to become a 'known' act on the circuit that becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Singer Songwriter
Steve Daggett
A superb communicator both with his own breathtaking songs and his interpretation of others. He 'holds you in his hand' as his show progresses and with his wit and charm you arrive at the end of the evening with a warm glow and a smile upon your face. Is'nt this what ALL shows should do?

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Vocalist
Colin Blunstone
Wispy vocals that are as distinctive as well as mysterious. A style all of his own he turns back the years with stunning performances and hits you with arresting new material.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Keyboards
Frank O'Hagan
We love the 'Hammond Sound'. From the Songwriting, Vocals and style of playing, it just does'nt come any better.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Rock Performance
Skinny Molly
From the USA came this Southern Rock trio. What a gig! From the playing, Performance and the way they 'played' the crowd it was an impressive show. Something that others can learn from perhaps....

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Bass in the Place
Dave Bronze
A Master at his craft. Impressive to watch and listen, it was an honour to experience his playing in such intimate surroundings.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Guitar Award
Mick Taylor
A Rolling Stone comes to Kinross. The phrase ...'a legend in his own time' comes to mind. From the less is more school of guitar playing it really was a privilege to be in his presence. Truly magical to watch and listen.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Drummer Backstage
Richard Newman
There are not many Drummers that can step into the breach so to speak with only days to go before a world tour gets underway for a legendary group because their regular Drummer was suddenly unavailable. Well thats what happened to Richard Newman with Jefferson Starship. Incredibly proffessional, you would have thought that he had occupied the Drum seat for years. Aggressive style of playing, we urge you to catch him live!

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Designed Tour Poster
The Former members (Mike Dolgushkin-Artist)
It is not often that we are sent Posters from touring Bands but on this occasion we did! And what a Poster! Designed by MD who has designed Frank Zappa Album covers and is a legend within the San Francisco fraternity. One for framing!

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Brewer
It is not often that we are praised for our efforts in both Music Promotion and Innovation. We say a HUGE thank you to Carlsberg who did just that. With the hospitality industry becoming more event driven than ever you can expect them to be at the front of advisory bodies in this very important field.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Young Scottish Band
Skrumpy Jack
Ones to watch! They impressed us with their efforts both on stage and with their performance. At such a young age it was refreshing to see and we hope and trust that they develop to their full potential.

Mundell Music Awards 2013 - Best Blues
Marcus Bonfanti
A major upward shift in his stage show, both musically and visually has given another award to this remarkable and sensational Artist.

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